Cancer remains deadly

600,000 will die from cancer this year in the USA
causes 90% of cancer deaths
It is scientific consensus that circulating tumor cell clusters (i.e. metastatic cancer cell clusters, cancer stem cell clusters) are primarily responsible for metastasis.

Circulating tumor cell clusters

TumorGen is targeting metastatic tumor cell clusters.
They are the Root Cause of Cancer. 


TumorGen is developing the tools necessary to help create new drugs that specifically target metastases.  

Our technology is a versatile microfluidic platform that is pioneering drug discovery against circulating tumor cell clusters, the drivers of metastasis.


Our system opens up new therapeutic target spaces and enables candidate drug validation in pre-clinical ex-vivo studies, de-risking future clinical trials.

Multiple Myeloma B Cell Cluster 
Captured using the CSC   System 

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